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Warm Fall Sun Grinding Climbing

20 | Nov | '15

I took the liberty to update the Rattlesnake Mtn overview page, it looked pretty out of date (referenced a washed out bridge that I think was repaired prior to 2013).

I did the counterclockwise loop from the Hwy 18 parking lot, up and around, to the east facing viewpoint and then across to the northern saddle where the single track descents are located.  It was about 18 miles total and about 2700 ft of climbing, all but about a mile is logging roads.  I needed a good grind of a training ride and wanted to be in the sun, this one always delivers.

Worth checking out if you want to understand how freaking awesome the Raging River trails will be that Evergreen is building out here!

Submitted by hardtail on 11/22/2015