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Great mental and Physical Therapy and the Hood

25 | Aug | '20

Had a wonderful early morning ride to go do a little climb and come down Physical Therapy before visiting the parents for a bunch of maintenance work they needed me to do. The trail is a great rooty challenge and a drop sent me over once but I got lucky releasing the brake and rolled on the front tire out of it. The rest of the trail was awesome. Only a couple soft spots still but a great ride. I used Raging Tiger back up to finish with Poppin' Tops and Flow State and cleaned the bugs off of my smiling teeth at the end. Loved the early morning sunrise behind Si and Teneriff this morning. Sun comes up a little later now! It ain't June/July  any longer, or even August, soon. Bathrooms still closed at the trailhead. GPS track and pics are here. I also went down to Timberline Bike Park on 8/29 and the track and pictures of that trip are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 08/25/2020