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Amazing Ride

Rained on Friday night, dry and sunny today. Conditions were perfect. The climb is long, but pleasant. About 2 hours to the top, but never so steep that you can't enjoy a conversation with your riding buddies. Topping at about 5000 elevation, you really feel like you have accomplished something getting to the peak. Several laps up the new Tiger climbing trail are a great prep for this climb.

Downhill was wonderful, and not too technical. Rode it with my 100mm FS XC bike. A little undergunned for the descent, would take a bigger bike next time. Several stream crossings, most rideable, a couple that we had to walk because they were too deep. The trail is a little crumbly in places - relatively new landslide in one spot. Otherwise great - swoopy berms, great views, flying through the forest... whats not to like!


Submitted by issaquahswimmer on 06/13/2016