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Awesome ride.

I parked at lower skookum trailhead and rode fire roads up. This is a pretty long steep road climb. It starts put with about 7 miles and 3200 feet of climbing before the real fun begins. You can expect to climb 400-500 feet per mile on the road. Trail is all clear on the down hill. I may have liked this descent even better than Osborne. The top is more stretched out and more gradual, but still very fast. The bottom half does get a little rocky and loose but not too bad. Still fast. I finished with the skookum trail back. It's a pretty rooty twisty, relatively flat way back. Was a fun way back, I'm sure the road would be much quicker. Whole ride was 20 miles. 3772 feet of climbing and took me just under 3 hours. Xc rig helped with the climb for sure. 

Submitted by davgol on 08/05/2016