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Local Treasure

04 | Aug | '16

PVCA is not exactly local for me, but for those of you for whom it is, I hope you realize how lucky you are!  I had to be in Redmond in the morning, so was able to scratch in a short ride before work.  As usual, the trails and park overall were in great shape, though some of the more technical areas were just a bit brushy.  I was surprised at how much use it was getting for a midweek morning - other riders, runners and walkers.

No matter how many times I ride it, the Lloyd Detour is one of the toughest little stretches to make 100% clean - this time, like every other, it drew a few expletive-punctuated chuckles from me.

Also, the tree that had been leaning over the big drop ramp on Cedar Run is gone: if that was an excuse you had to not give this drop a go before, it is no more. :)

Submitted by r1de on 08/08/2016