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Fun back country adventure

31 | Jul | '16

Parked at De Roux campground. Forest pass required. Up road to trailhead, riding the loop CCW. Ride up to the saddle is a grunt. Take the time to look back as you climb for the amazing views. As you crest the saddle, the trail starts down straightahead, then to the left side - look for the small cairn. The ride down seems more blown out than I remember from 3 years ago. Some fun switchbacks, and a couple that are pretty crazy with the rocks and exposure. Plenty of exposure after the switchbacks. Take care. The last section down to the jeep road is loose and slippery. Tree down right in the middle of the steep section.  

Then, up the jeep road from hell. Seems even more eroded and nasty than last time I was there. Lots of pushing. I hesitate to say anything isn't ridable, given how strong some are, but ok, I'm saying it. It its current condition, it is partially not ridable. Enjoy the push.

Gallagher Head lake is a nice place to rest, have some lunch, and recover for the ride down. Stop at the table and bench west end of the lake. The trail down starts right there.

The ride down is fast in parts, exposed in a couple parts, more switchbacks mixed in with crazy switchbacks, and generally a lot of fun. I was pretty tired by then, so stayed focused. There is enough tech to keep you on your toes for much of the ride down.

I think of this as the toughest 12 mile ride I know of. Take lots of water and some food. Bring your camera, and enjoy. 

Submitted by ladmo on 08/01/2016