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Green Mountain

Seattle from Midpoint of Wildcat Trail

Key Info

2-3 of 5 (technical difficulty)
3 of 5 (physical difficulty)
NW Washington


35 miles total
1100' elevation gain
80% single track
20% fire road
0% paved
47.60038 lat.
-122.788417 long.


Discover Pass required at both Wildcat and Gold Creek Trailheads.

Both are high car prowl areas.

A trail system in Kitsap County on DNR owned Green Mountain.  Climb Wildcat Trail for 1100 feet of gain in 4.5 miles and get a great view of Bremerton, Seattle, and on just the right days, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams.

Mixed use including motorized, hiker, and equestrian.

When the gate off of Tahuyeh lake road is open it is possible to shuttle up to the Green Mountain Vista viewpoint parking area, just stay right at the 'Y' or you will end up in the horse camp...

Wildcat is used by motos (rocky, may be loose in places) - Beaver Pond has more roots, fewer rocks, but is not loose.

A mixed bag.  You'll get a workout climbing up and you can get some really fast fun descents but watch out for the rock gardens here and there and try not to go head-on with a horse or moto.  Not a great deal of moto use but quite a bit of horse use.  If you want some elevation gain, medium length trails, and views come here.  The Beaver Pond trail can be very muddy but is a very nice ride, especially in the Horse Camp to Beaver Pond Bridge direction.  It'll take about a half a day of riding to explore it all.  More if you can find the local gray trails.

DNR owns the land and encourages local user groups to help maintain the trails.  Evergreen West Sound of course pitches in on that effort.