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Avoid north entrance

22 | Nov | '16

I rode Duthie from the north entrance about a week ago with my son, and found a significant amount of water over the trail leading up to the boardwalk (the boardwalk itself was fine).  We were able to ride through it, but today, I found it hub-deep.  Fortunately it was just me, because my son for sure would have been swimming.  Even on my Enduro, I had to ratchet my pedals at the 3-and-9 position to keep from dunking my feet, and still got water in my shoes.  Again, the boardwalk is fine (and so glad we built that back in the day!), but with more rain on the way, I'd recommend avoiding the north lot/trail unless you've got pontoons.

Trails themselves are in great shape though.

Submitted by r1de on 11/22/2016