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Devils Gulch on Halloween Weekend

Rode Devils Gulch up to the 4-way, then down Mission Ridge.  Had been several years since I'd ridden this eastern WA classic, and it was time to hit it again.

Trails were in, well, decent shape, but there were a fair amount of deep rutted puddles.  As far as logs that required a carry, I think there was one on DG and about four on MR.  The main maintenance issue though were a couple of muddy washouts, somewhere between mile 6 and 7 on DG.  Both were pretty safe/easy to walk though, but doing so was pretty erosive on the second one; probably a good idea to not ride DG until this is fixed.  Saw just a few little bits of snow on the ground, next to the trail, at the high point of the ride (about a half mile into MR).


Submitted by ethan on 11/15/2016