Suntop Trail near the summit
Key Info
2-3 of 5(technical difficulty)
4 of 5(physical difficulty)
Premium Trail
20 miles total
2800' elevation gain
70% single track
30% fire road
0% paved
47.041 lat.
-121.597 long.


Suntop view provides an excellent view of Mt. Rainier that can only be equaled or surpassed by only a few trails open to bikes. A marvelous view from the top, the trail is fairly groomed and straight. Nice forest with open fast easier trail.

This can be ridden as several variations: loop (most commonly finishing on the Skookum Flats trail or the road), shuttle since there is parking at the top, or out and back (for the very ambitious climber).

The most popular route is a loop: park at the lower Skookum Flats parking area, climb the forest road, descend the trail, and finish with Skookum Flats. Some choose to access the last third of the trail by starting at Skookum Flats upper trailhead parking on Forest Road 7160. Climbing up the same forest road, ignoring 1 spur to the right, and ignoring a spur to the left. Very close to the end of the road see the trail on the right. This route is commonly referred to as "Fawn Ridge".

Fast and flowy, minimal dismounts, heavy canopy, well-drained. Suntop lookout is at 5200', so check snow levels before you head out.

There are limited bike parts/tools/etc at a shop on 410 just before leaving town. It's just down the street from the big Safeway in Enumclaw. The Naches Tavern in Greenwater has a selection of burgers, fried food and lotsa beer. The next food stop would be up in Crystal Mountain resort at the Snorting Elk.

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