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Primo conditions - getting dusty quick

The trail is all dry and just turning dusty so grab it before it all turns into a sand pool. In the forested sections, it was perfect tacky and not wet at all. The vistas, of course, were awesome mainly thanks to the bluebird day we had. The fire road is pretty dusty already, though - fortunately, we were riding with a group that wanted to shuttle up the climb so we only rode from the parking lot/turn-out about 1 mile from the top. Rode up the fireroad to the lookout and took the singletrack down back to the parking lot (was in good condition) and then hit the singletrack climb from there on. One rider in our party hit a big rock in the middle of the trail in one of the descent sections and crashed badly, though the only thing broken were his handlebars (seeing it from a close distance, I thought a couple bones cracked for sure but he lucked out).

Skookum Flats was as good as it gets - practically no mud and no dust. Just a sweet technical singletrack for you to gobble up.

Warning - we ran into about 70 trail runners (dispersed in small groups of 3-5) and they said they were training for a race there in 3 weeks so I'd suggest you look up when exactly the race takes place and avoid the trail then. While both groups were trying their best to be courteous, given the sheer number of people, it can be frustrating to all parties if they feel like they keep pulling over time and time again.

Submitted by MtnPavlas on 07/07/2014