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Rode Noble Knob and Dalles Ridge of part of a White River/Corral Pass/Noble Knob/Dalles Ridge/Palisades loop.  Perfect day for it - mid-to-high 90's F down in the lowlands made for perfect outdoor-napping temps in the subalpine.  The gate on Corrall Pass Road is still locked, so no cars to choke you with dust/fumes, and no shuttlers to rip up the trails.  Our group of 3 were the only people out here the whole day.  Some wildflowers left, but not too many.  Plenty of juicy ripe mountain huckleberries.  Also plenty of aggressive biting flies & horseflies.

Trail was in great shape with no dismounts, and stellar views of Stuart, Glacier Peak and Rainier, as always.  And in case it's not obvious, no snow - pretty much gone from the entire Cascades and even the bases of the volcanoes.

Submitted by r1de on 07/31/2015