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Powder Bowl Detour

Did the loop CCW. Going up Northway there are signs of heavy horse usage.  Trail has been brushed - not sure if this was done this year or late last year but not so overgrown.

They are blasting/jackhammering the top of Powder Bowl so have closed that section of the downhill trail.  There is nothing on their site about how long this will be going on - all summer, weekdays/weekends etc. They have a detour marked.

If you are doing the loop you will follow the service road under the gondola(steep/loose).  At the first switchback after going under the Rainier Exrpess lift you will leave the road and climb up(400-500 ft) to the edge of Powder Bowl and reenter the regular trail(see photo).

Still a few trees down - a folding saw would take care of 2 of them on the upper Northway Trail.

Submitted by jackd49 on 08/08/2014