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spring cleaning not quite but close

We were denied from fs7250 to deep creek yesterday at about 40" on snotel corral pass. We lost the trail in the switchbacks and climbed up to see over ridge down to the south facing terminus where noble nob slips from south to north before entering the snowy switchbacks. Snow patches down there confirmed another 1/2 to 1 mile of snow over to deep creek so we bailed.

We made it across just fine a couple of years ago at 20" on snotel Corral Pass and even fs7174 Corral Pass road was open back then. If you attempt from Corral Pass we left you some tracks to to help you find the Ranger Creek side in the switchbacks :-)

We still need to log out the 3 mile Noble Knob stretch that we have not seen and the upper mile of deep creek so pictures with a bike wheel for size is perfect. GPS data is a bonus. Same for Suntop which we plan to give the Sawvant treatment just after we finish cp/dc.

Submitted by len.francies on 06/17/2014