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Snow caused a lot of limbs over the trails

19 | Jan | '20

I went up north to try the Blanchard Forest again but the forest road, and probably parking lots, still had too much snow. The trails probably too. Came back to Everett/Snohomish and did Lord Hill. The snowfall has broke off a ton of limbs on the trails and toppled a few weak trees. Chainsaw needed on the road up to the Butte and Tower climbing trail. Goldeneye and Wishbone are clear of snow and are clear. Liquid Bread was a disaster and I cleared a bunch of the upper half of it. You should be able to run it now. It was a good day otherwise. The runout after the Upper Springboard big drop has been enhanced very well and rejoins the trail just before the road. It adds some extra flow after the drop! Track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 01/19/2020