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Nice Drop Above Goldeneye

26 | Jun | '21

Went out early just after sunrise to get a cooler ride in before the record heatwave hits. Did the Springboards, Meetcutter and River trails and came back up. The river shoreline is still underwater and the approach area is overgrown so help as you can to open it up. After Goldeneye, I went to the top of the starting rock area and walked a bit west and found a rock drop I never knew about. I scoped it for a bit, found a line, and then went down. I faded a bit left and almost caught the handlebars on a tree! I need to clean up my route a bit more next time. There is a lot of great work that has been done here so take advantage of it soon! GPS track and couple pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 06/26/2021