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A new perspective

02 | Aug | '20

Wanted to get a good baseline performance run on my gravel bike, over multiple terrain styles, before I order and install my Fox 32AX fork to mitigate the handlebar shock of the rooty, or rough, terrain I ride with the gravel bike. I decided to start from home and ride around Lord Hill to the South entrance to get another road feel, then enter the park and ride the trails I could throughout the park, and then head home from the North entrance enjoying the initial big hill descent of 127th AVE SE. The plan went well and I saw mom and Bambi on the Quarry trail before my climb and had a nice rest at the summit. I also took ewe tub and other trails while getting through the park. Nice, modest, open double installed on ewe tube for the suspension bikes! After leaving the park I descended the big hill reaching 45 mph on the GPS which was fun, but a little scary, thinking what could possibly go wrong with that. It was a great morning ride. GPS track and pictures are here.

FYI to "WhitRat"... my advice at Lake Fontal, just stick to the double track and your intent to summit or soak. The Camp Hamilton area is a christian camp. They just don't want mal-intent people "snooping around".

**Update**: The first ride I had on the new gravel fork is located here.

Submitted by tomvale on 08/02/2020