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Darn Root, Perfectly Placed

29 | Jun | '23

Went to do Lord Hill this morning and had a great ride on Wishbone, Goldeneye, Liquid Bread and the Springboards. On my way over to Red Barn, I popped over a root and then solidly hit the front face of a bigger root and it stopped me dead and OTB I went. OooF. Thank goodness for the full face helmet's ability to be used as a trail tool. ;-)

Rainier was visible from the summit and the flow trails could use a raking. But, in general, the trails were in good shape. Bring the full finger gloves cause the nettles are getting bigger! The grasses on the lower third of Red Line are high also and limiting visibility a little. GPS glitched but the link is here.

Submitted by tomvale on 06/29/2023