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Trolling for Fish and Sticks

07 | Sep | '19

Had a great ride until the end. I went up to the towers, down the Springboards, had my best run down Meetcutter, and then all the way down to the river. There was about 30 feet of beach with the low water level and I even grabbed a salmon. But on the climb out, a stick got into my rear wheel! It took out two spokes (opposite sides of the wheel too!) and then jammed, wrapped up, and broke my rear derailer. After some handyman stuff I got 3 gears to work to get me back to the parking lot. It was a fun day until the end but a little costly (Update: ended up being >$500). Trails are a little dry but in great shape. This week's coming rain should help a little. GPS track and pics here.

Submitted by tomvale on 09/08/2019