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River Down, River Trail needs a saw

18 | Nov | '21

Had to detour around the road closure in Snohomish and got to the North trailhead via the Monroe end of the road. The water receded and the road was back open after this morning's ride was done. I went up to the towers and down Springboard, Meetcutter, and then the River Trail to see the river access area now. About 75 yards into the River Trail are two chainsaw jobs but the rest of the trail is fine. The water is high but not over the trail anymore.



And at the time of these pictures the river had receded 10 feet below where it had crested a couple days earlier!!


Imagine the first two pictures with 10 more feet of water!  Anyway, the park was hero when you weren't on all the maple leaves. The only thing I would change are the log stacks on Goldeneye! The second one is off angle to the trail and inexperienced riders are going to bite it when those logs are wet. Be careful there. The builder should square those off (if legit, or we should remove them if not).


GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 11/18/2021