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Exploring the Marckworth down to Moss Lake

10 | Nov | '19

I wanted to explore more of the Marckworth Forest and mapped out the loop in the image. After making it to the Falls, the road farther east has been worked on and some water and vehicle traps have been added. The road was graded and pretty soft but passable. I tried one shortcut to get to Stossel creek road but it was decommissioned years ago and overgrown. Had to go a little farther North and then crossover to the east. The rest of the roads were well groomed and the county was working back there too. Once I got down to the Tolt Pipeline I took a break and then jumped into the Moss lake trail system and did Missing Link and Ridge. Then I took the Pipeline to Kelly Road and then North on Kelly back to the trailhead parking lot. It was a damp day but very quiet out there. GPS track and all of the pictures are here . UPDATE 11/30/19: Entered the Marckworth from the North off of Cedar Ponds Road and attempted to get to the ridge South of Sultan to the Haystack Lookout but snow turned me around at 2500'. I made it as far as the upper Young's Creek crossing. You'll see that ride's track and pictures here.

Submitted by tomvale on 11/10/2019