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Rolling good, only a little overgrown.

21 | Jun | '14

Decided I didn't want to fight I-90 traffic today so I ended up at CV for a few hours instead. Funner was riding nice, though starting to get a bit overgrown near the bridge and up top. Cyclops was really nice until until the bottom where it too was getting pretty overgrown. Elevator had some truly post-hole worthy horse tracks unfortunately, YGD was nice though.
Decided to ride to the falls and back just for some extra mileage at the end, and I counted 68 people headed out as I was on my way back. Crazy how busy those falls are now 
Beautiful day though, and aside from a little needed brushing in places, the trails are great right now. Hopefully I can get out there soon to cut some stuff back.

Submitted by Tarekith on 06/22/2014