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Exploring More of the Marckworth

05 | Dec | '20

Started today at 7am at the trailhead with the goal to head to the Falls, and then further on to the old Platts Lookout site, a 900' summit, east of the Falls, then exit the south side of the Marckworth Forest and back to the car. The ride went well to the Falls except for a couple trees across the road, just over a mile in, that will need the big saws. The Falls were pretty, and creek crossings weren't a hassle. After the Falls, there is a little climbing to get to Stossel Creek Road and then a little more to get up to the Lookout site (Lookout removed long ago). The road to the site is clear for a while then has several trees over it. That's just part of exploring.  ;-)  Within a quarter mile of the summit, I stashed the bike, and bushwacked the stickers as needed for the rest of you, and any WTA enthusiasts. The summit is pretty overgrown but kind of like Lord Hill's summit. It'd be neat if DNR made a cleared viewpoint up there like it was 50 years ago. After signing in the register, I scrambled back to the bike and continued south on Stossel Creek Road to Kelly Road and then back to the car. It was a nice 20 mile loop. Until December 15th (when DNR1005 gate closes) you can drive in most of the way if you just want a quick Geocache scramble trip. GPS track and Pics are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 12/05/2020