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Outer Limits is technical and soft

31 | May | '21

I saw a newer technical trail called Outer Limits on Trailforks and decided to try that for the first time this morning. I climbed Waterbars Up, and then went over to Burnt Cedar to do that trail "out and back" and then down Outer Limits. It is a little soft still and needs a good packing. I went over the bars once but the trail has a really nice fall line similar to EBAD at Tiger, or Out of the Blue at Darrington. After that I went to Cherry Falls and then headed back to the car after doing Barracuda, Funner and Black Label. It was a great morning. Funner and Barracuda are my favorites here, currently. GPS track and pictures are here.

May312021 Iso

Submitted by tomvale on 05/31/2021