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Gully Bypass Bridge Out

28 | May | '20

Had a wonderful time going up and down, west to east, over the trail system and then off to the Falls for a little rest and tranquility. There is a DNR sign at the trailhead announcing a cougar sighting at the Falls. The bike trails are in great shape EXCEPT for the bridge across the Gully Bypass trench. I heard a horse failed it, but it is gone for whatever reason, and too big a gap to safely jump across. There was only a little mud in spots throughout the system today. One was at one of my landings and that jump didn't go too gracefully. ;-) The northern trail to the Falls is in need of a good weed wacking and the hiking trail is in need of drainage and dry weather. There are a lot of mud bogs on the hiking trail. It was a wonderful day. GPS track and pictures are here.

Submitted by tomvale on 05/28/2020