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Wet Roots but Ideal Dirt

20 | Jan | '23

Took the bike to Cherry Valley, east of Duvall,WA this morning to take advantage of one of the best draining trail systems around Puget Sound. The access roads can be a bit wet or icky but once you start your trail runs you only had to be careful on the wet roots. I climbed Sick and Twisted and Waterbars Up to descend YGD. There was a chainsaw job near the bottom of S&T and another 3/4 of the way up Waterbars. YGD was clear and wonderful. I climbed back up to Lake Margaret and then descended Cyclops and Funner. Both of those were awesome also and I finished the return to the car by taking No Road and Black Label. It was an enjoyable morning. GPS track, pics and location of chainsaw jobs are here. The video for the Cyclops run is on Pinkbike here. I uploaded the YGD video to Pinkbike here.

Submitted by tomvale on 01/20/2023