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In memory of Len

01 | Jan | '16

Solo ride this morning at Cherry Valley.  Saw a handful of hikers, but nobody else on bike.  The trails were amazing - what little water present was in solid state, and there were no obstacles anywhere (except a fallen tree only partially blocking part of YGD).  However, the creeks are still running and running deep in places.

Bluebird skies and frosted foliage made it a little magical.  The inversion resulted in the sun-exposed areas up top starting to thaw a bit by noon, but down lower and in the shade, the ice prevailed.  I rode the standards: Funner, Cyclops, YGD, Sick and Twisted, No Road and Black Label.

Really a fantastic ride, but the experience overall was bittersweet, as I learned today that a trail building & riding acquaintance of mine passed away on a ride yesterday.  I spent a lot of time with you in my thoughts, Len.  May you rest in peace.

Submitted by r1de on 01/02/2016