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Drained well, Crossing near the falls a challenge

27 | Feb | '21

Had a wonderful morning with a friend from work doing Barracuda, Escorlator, Funner, Cyclops, and Sick and Twisted. All were clear with some slick spots but they were all fun. After the friend left I went out to the Falls for the picture and water. The crossing for folks using the road route to the Falls is pretty deep. Two logs to walk are 50' south of the normal crossing. I rode across choosing a line about halfway to those logs. After coming back from the Falls, I climbed up to Lake Margaret via Paperboy and then went over to YGD and Sick and twisted to finish. Was a great day. GPS Track and pics here. Lord Hill was great last weekend too! Improvements are in-work for Goldeneye.

Submitted by tomvale on 02/27/2021