Skookum Flats / White River
Admiring a giant on Skookum Flats trail
Key Info
2 of 5(technical difficulty)
3 of 5(physical difficulty)
Premium Trail
15 miles total
700' elevation gain
95% single track
5% paved
47.078 lat.
-121.585 long.


Skookum Flats is a very popular trail. It follows the rugged terrain of the south side of the White River. A very scenic, technical trail providing challenge along with a nice forest experience.

White River is a trail that's often overlooked in it's own right. Since it's mainly used as a trail to access or extend ride loops of other more popular trails like Palisades or Skookum Flats. It provides technical challenge and aesthetic beauty. White River is a great trail surrounded by other great trails. Lots of people do these two trails as a loop.

White River Trail as an out and back is a good trail for a strong beginner rider.

Generally one of the first trails (in the area) open in the season, however trail conditions can be poor in the wet.

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has led work parties here, clearing timber from trail etc.

Closest local services are in Greenwater, but just the basics. Beer and burgers at the Naches Tavern.  Milk shakes and ice cream at Wapati Woolies.

Also, don't miss the old growth tree - a 700 year old Douglas Fir - at the end of the Dalles River connector trail (1162.1, near the campground).  Sad Update: as of 2015-5-1, this tree is no more; its remains are next to the trail.

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