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Blue Line

21 | Oct | '17

I rode the blue lines this morning; Dueces, Movin'on, Breavehart, StepItUp, and Bootcamp in that order.   These trails are clear from the Wed night windstorm with one exception. There is a tree near the end of bootcamp. Someone stacked some bits of wood around the long to make a fun little role over log feature. A tree also fell at the very start of Jabulani (Which I rode Thursday night). The tree couldn't have fallen in a better spot just after a little kicker. I easily cleared the log and launched into the first berm of the trail. Please don't clear that log. Its a great natural feature!

Anyway, the trails are wet but not slippery, with puddles in the low spots. fenders will not save you from the mud and getting wet, which make for a great ride. 



Submitted by jedison on 10/21/2017