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Mommy Owl calling to her youth about 40' away in another tree.

Had a great time doing two laps on the East side of the tracks. Just like at Lord Hill, there are new jump improvements on the open doubles,  additional bridge building, and a nice drop off of the northern switchbacks. It made for a exciting...

Submitted by tomvale on 06/03/2020
Smooth Sailing!

Parked at Sunset Way trailhead about 7:45 AM to minimize potential break in, and rode Issaquah-Preston Trail to Grand Ridge all the way to Duthie.  Sessioned Space Coaster and Movin On a few times, tried Coal Mine Loop on the way back to Issa...

Submitted by Bryan on 06/02/2020
This is the first jump set on the Lower Wishbone extension trail.

Got to the trailhead around 6:30 this morning and went directly to the Springboards and then up to do Goldeneye, Flowdeneye and Wishbone. Gnomes have done amazing work on Wishbone adding several great jumps and added an extension trail, just to th...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/30/2020
Murder Hornets!

Murder Hornets on Tiger?

05 | 28 | '20

Great. This is posted at the trailhead, though didn't see any. Rode Master and Quick Link plus fire road to the summit, then East Tiger Summit, Preston, Silent Swamp, Joyride and NW Timber back down. All told about 14 miles, some mud holes and run...

Submitted by Bryan on 05/28/2020