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Three Little Pigs Drops

Gravy Trained!

08 | 11 | '20

I headed back to Duthie to learn how to jump gaps. First I walked Gravy Train, and then started hitting jumps and adding another 2-3 with every descent. They get bigger further down the trail, and by 10:00 AM I'd sent them all except the last (big...

Submitted by Bryan on 08/11/2020
Diverted on the way up and cut a door for you on the way back!  :-)

Welcome through my door

08 | 08 | '20

Left the trailhead at 7am in a misty rain and 1/4 mile visibility. There wasn't going to be any awesome views today, just a wet ride. The dirt was well drained. The last report said the avalanche debris field was ridable but there must have been a...

Submitted by tomvale on 08/08/2020
Entrance Rock Waterfall

Lower Predator!

08 | 07 | '20

Thanks to JJ for leading me on three laps of Lower Predator this afternoon! By my third lap I sent all the features, there are some tricky drops and tech sections including a right hand switchback with a large drop right in the middle. Great trail...

Submitted by Bryan on 08/07/2020
CCDH Crux Rock

I rode the new Canyon Creek DH this morning, and Raging Tiger back up. CCDH is long with rooty technical gnar, some steep powdery switchbacks and a bermy flowy final section down to the river. I'd call this a blue plus or black minus, maybe dark b...

Submitted by Bryan on 08/05/2020