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11 | 30 | '21
On a group ride Tuesday, November 30, a bike (pretty nice) was found. Smaller size and still pretty new. Contact two zero six three eight four three seven five three.
Submitted by petfah on 11/30/2021
11 | 29 | '21
Caught the break in the rains and went to another of the 'best draining' trail systems in Puget Sound, Cherry Valley. The access road is wet but the trails are good. I had to go around an early morning accident on Cherry Valley Road by going east on...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/29/2021
11 | 24 | '21
I started climbing this morning at 6am, from the upper lot, and was excited to try the new Side Hustle trail as 'Bryan' described in the last Tiger report. I began with lights on the helmet and handlebars and by the top of Masterlink, I turned them o...
Submitted by tomvale on 11/24/2021
11 | 21 | '21
We are so spoiled here in the PNW. In just the last few months Tiger has added Extra Terrestrial, Close Encounters, Super T and now Side Hustle. We rode Master and Quick Link to East Tiger Summit, then Side Hustle across the fire road at the bottom o...
Submitted by Bryan on 11/21/2021