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Here is a route to take when the upper Butte is snowed over.

Went to the Butte to do a sunny winter run but since the road and upper mountain had snow, I just started climbing up the downhill. If conditions worsend, I could turn around and enjoy the downhill. The weather front held off, and blue sky came ou...

Submitted by tomvale on 02/24/2020

Disclaimer: I'm an old guy (57) and I haven't been on my MTB for a year and half, so what was tough for me may  not be for young folk.  ALSO- I have Verizon wireless service and I get bubkus when I enter Moran State Park.  Apparentl...

Submitted by jacknolan on 02/20/2020

Rock Creek to Tarbell TH

02 | 14 | '20

I just went out for a quick morning ride. I parked at the lot for the climb up Murphy's etc but it had been raining for days and I don't want to cause damage in such heavily used trails so from there I rode Tarbell the other way to Rock Creek camp...

Submitted by tondan on 02/16/2020
Red was first tour, Yellow was this time.

Went up to The Blanchard State Forest again to ride some of the trails that I couldn't last time when the rear hub failed. This time was much better and I started in the upper trailhead lot and climbed up to the Tango Waypoint using the roads and...

Submitted by tomvale on 02/15/2020