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2nd time's a charm

PM Duo Ride with Vet

09 | 11 | '20

We arrived at the Rattlesnake Lake parking late in the day. It was Panther's (2020 SantaCruz Megatower carbon CS) first bite of the trail and my second time to ride here. She was awesome and I felt more capable on this trail vs the last time with...

Submitted by AuiGudf8 on 09/18/2020

Too soon

09 | 08 | '20

Rode up Masterlink - awesome scenery and time of year. We rode down Predator. All I can say is Too Soon. I need some progression trails to work up to it. It's an awesome trail but completely different from what I've ridden at raging river, Duthie....

Submitted by jlee on 09/11/2020

One of my favorite rides in the area. The climb is manageable, downhill is flowy.

I bring a small water bottle and refill at the top using my water filter. The water tastes great and is nice and cool after a long climb.

The folks i...

Submitted by jamesc1 on 08/28/2020
Barely could make out Mt Baker from Stan's Overlook today

Had a wonderful early morning ride to go do a little climb and come down Physical Therapy before visiting the parents for a bunch of maintenance work they needed me to do. The trail is a great rooty challenge and a drop sent me over once but I got...

Submitted by tomvale on 08/25/2020