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Newest upper trail is in orange, purple is the fall line of a zig zag trail still being cut

Took the dog for a walk on this trail to see how it has matured over the last couple of years. The newest trail starting at the lookout gate is a really challenging, "black diamond" personality that will be a challenge for everyone. I just walked...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/05/2018

Multiple windows broken on my friend‘s Syncro between 1PM and 3PM. Due to after-market locks the f****rs couldn’t open the doors and weren't willing to mar their anterior scales by slithering into the van over the glass left behind. Post info if y...

Submitted by ssherotsky on 10/26/2018
There used to be a nice decorative accent up here!

After a 7 person work party on the Ridge Trail clearing drainages and puddling spots before the winter rains and spring melt, I rode up to the trail system summit to the bench area where there used to be a front wheel nailed to a tree. It is gone...

Submitted by tomvale on 10/23/2018

Kiss them goodbye

10 | 20 | '18

King County have started what they call Forest Stewardship work  ( logging ) on Henry"s Ridge & have closed access into the all trails north of the ponds & east of the water tanks while they do the work .Effectively , though, all the trails i...

Submitted by jimnich on 10/21/2018