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Not much left

07 | 14 | '19

Extensively logged, and am told still more logging to come.  Still some singletrack along the North and East perimiters - about an hour to ride it all.  Middle and South trails all gone.  There are a few trails that head into the cl...

Submitted by Spartan1 on 07/19/2019
Taken halfway up the ski hill climbing trail.

Weekend at Freundie's

07 | 13 | '19

I spent Saturday and Sunday in Leavenworth to do this ridge and trail system for the first time. On Day 1, I rode the Ranger Road up and continued up further to the Punk Rock Lookout site for the views. I'd love to launch from up there! After my s...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/15/2019
After descending from the campground here is Uno Peak

I came from the South Navarre Campgound side since I was visiting my dad down in Manson. I was hoping to at least take the Summit Trail north to the Uno Peak loop junctions and even the Staircase intersections exploring possibilities for going to...

Submitted by tomvale on 07/15/2019
One of the views when descending Little Bald Mountain


This ride is physically and technically demanding—but so worth it. On technical trails I’m an intermediate rider but this trail pushed my limits at times. And while I’m in good riding shape overall, I end...

Submitted by rickvans on 07/14/2019