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Oh the trees!

Knowing that it was early season and that it's key descriptor was "rocky", I was feeling ready to try this relatively short and underused ride in the lovely Middle Fork area looking for some solitude.  I have been really into doing bike/hike combos where the bike in gets you to a lesser used trailhead for some wilderness hiking and this fit the bill on paper.  

Middle fork road was much better condition than I had expected and went rather fast now that most of the potholes are fixed and there are only about 3 single lane rough construction sections with some deep puddles and rocks.  The worst potholes are right after the last bridge over the Taylor river before the trailhead area.  Official trailhead road is mostly washed out so you generally park at the turn after the bridge.  

Ride was generally simple for the first few miles with a few rough rock (streambed) sections, lots of somewhat overgrown salmonberry, and a few stream crossings.  A reasonable number of trees blocked the trail getting to about Otter Falls area.  After this the trail gets less use and is more overgrown contributing to some serious forearm and shin scratching by salmonberry.  The last 1.5-2 miles had a rediculous amount of trees down.  I counted having to get off my bike to carry over more than 56 times.  Quite a few of these were big branch covered jumbles.  Took about 2 hours to get to Snoqualmie Lake turnoff.

I hiked up to Snoqualmie Lake and onward to Deer and Bear Lakes up to the ridge over Lake Dorothy and back for another 5.5 hours in the snow.  

Generally a fun and frustrating adventure.  Hopefully the trees get logged out soon enough for others to have an easier go at it.  


Submitted by izaakk on 05/14/2016