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CCC Trail and CCC Extension

Decided to ride the CCC Rd/Trail starting at Bessemer Rd gate off the Middle Fork Rd.  MFR is a terribly potholed beat up/waterlogged road right now.  I am assuming they will regrade this before they start paving for the year but I sure would like to know when.  If I did this approach again, I would just park at Mailbox Peak trailhead and do the 4 miles of road on a bike.  I know it would be faster and less bumpy on two wheels.

Creeks are not too high right now and you can stay dry but there are some trees down that require some off the bike moves.  Most are easy but a couple take a little more effort.  A larger number are down on the CCC extension trail.  One messy one you have to detour around for 40 feet, the rest you'll just be lifting your bike over.  We cleared lots of the face whippers/smaller branches and pushable/pullable ones.

They have now built a really nice trail/ramp exiting CCC trail onto the Middle Fork Road. Photo here: https://picasaweb.google.com/jackd49/160319CCCTrail#6264182063383174834


Submitted by jackd49 on 03/29/2016