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CCC to Middle Fork Campground

The trail is in good shape, the creeks are mostly dry or running slowly. The trail is getting overgrown with tall grasses and blackberry bushes in a few places but nothing too bad.

I road from the Mt. Si parking lot all the way up to the Middle Fork Campground 28 miles round trip and roughly 3,000 feet overall elevation gain. By the way, you'll loose that much too, it's an up and down ride. The Middle Fork Camp is a wonderful camp site, too bad it's all closed....

When riding the CCC road, most of the ride is between the trees. There are a few views up the valley but most of the ride is not very scenic. I still highly recommend this ride if you're looking for a cross country ride that's not too difficult. I really enjoyed it.

I saw no one on the trail till I dropped out onto the Middle Fork road near the CCC connector up to the MF campground. Lots of hikers on the trail for that last 3.5 miles along with dogs off the leash. One small encounter, no big deal. I wear a small bell on the bike to warn hikers I'm coming down the trail. A few folks thanked me for the early warning and expressed how they hate how bikers fly down the trail and surprise them from behind. Be considerate folks, this is a shared use trail.

I followed the directions (http://trails.evergreenmtb.org/trails/ccc-road) on the navigation tab. Nice job on the directions, but seriously, when it mentions the two side roads, when you get to the 2nd road it really does turn left up the hill. Don't go that way. A short way up the hill there is another trail that branches off to the right. THAT'S THE WRONG TRAIL! Go back down the hill to where the road turned left and you'll see a berm with a track over it. That's the right trail. I wasted some time and energy on the wrong one.

The CCC connector trail is really nice. Smooth and not too steep. A wonderful biking trail, just lots of hikers.

On the way out, I met with some hiker folks who attempted to bypass the trail and use the MF road up toward the campsite. They were turned around at one point because of road construction. Not sure where or how far out, but there is a baricade across the road right at the CCC connector trailhead.

Submitted by gregld on 08/11/2014