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Road/ Trail loop

First time doing a report and first time on this route.  I was looking for a physically challenging outing on moderate trails without the crowds.  CCC delivers, and it is a GREAT time to do it.  This trail doesn't see much traffic anyway, but given that the Middle Fork Road is still closed, it makes a supurb outing and a great way to get deep into the Middle Fork Valley at a time when the only people there are likely to be working on the road construction project.  I took many wrong turns along the route - one of which brought me into a very odd encampment with many old appliances, lawn mowers, cars, campers and other things straight out of central Appalachia - didn't go close enough to determine if anyone was home (didn't want to) - so bring your directions and map and follow them closely.  The "2nd right" is over a berm with a cairn marking the trail.  The left fork did go up steeply, and fortunately, I made the right call on this right and even though it is "road" it has the look of single track.  I was surprised how good of shape the trail is in despite seemingly little traffic.  The water crossings are all a little challenging and eroded, but didn't get feet wet thanks to no snow pack.  I was pushing daylight a bit so rode back along the Middle Fork Road to make a full loop - wished I had more time and energy to ride the Middle Fork Trail, which I've always wanted to do, but turned around after only half mile of that trail.  The CCC trail briefly intersects the Middle Fork Road under construction 3.5 miles before it ends as described, but finding where the trail picks back up is made difficult by the construction - it is literally only 100-200 yards along the road.  I took the road to the campgrond and trail back, which was how I found it.  Get it before the road is done!

Submitted by robstephenson@yahoo.com on 05/10/2015