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Frequently Asked Questions

Classes, Dirt Camps

Evergreen classes and camps follow local land manager rules on e-bike usage. If an e-bike is not allowed by land manager rules, we cannot accept them within a class or camp setting. 

Those with an ADA placard can use an e-bike in any Evergreen program.

Please check with us or the local land manager if you are unsure of e-bike regulations.

Classes, Dirt Camps

Yes! Evergreen offers scholarships based on financial need. See this page for more details or contact .

Classes, Dirt Camps

We strive to create an inclusive environment for all riders to participate in our classes and camps and will do our best to accomodate riders with disabilities or medical concern. It's best to contact us ahead of time to make sure our staff is prepared and fully understands your needs before you arrive to ride. Please contact us to talk through accomodations.

Participants must must be able to independently steer and brake to participate in our programs.


In need of an adaptive MTB rental to participate in a class? Contact us and we can help!

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COVID-19 and Evergreen Programs

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely following guidelines by the CDC, State Government, and local jurisdictions. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our community, trail builders, volunteers, students, and instructors. This page will be kept up to date with the latest information regarding programs, events, and volunteer opportunity restrictions and guidelines. Specific questions should be directed to the contacts listed below.
All individuals participating in Evergreen’s in-person programming must acknowledge and be capable of performing the following functions in order to protect themselves and others from the risks of spreading COVID-19. If an individual cannot perform or is unwilling to follow the following criteria, Evergreen reserves the right to ask the individual to leave the program area and dismiss the individual from future participation.

All participants, volunteers, staff, etc. will be expected to:

  • Be COVID-19 symptom-free within the 10 days prior to participating in an Evergreen activity; complete daily health survey before entering an Evergreen program area (i.e. symptom chart, temperature, etc.)
  • Confirm no contact with individual displaying COVID-19 symptoms within the last 14 days
  • Be able to maintain 6ft physical distance
  • Wear a mask anytime close contact (less than 6ft) is required, including during any bike checks, times when you're stopped for discussion, or if you come into contact with other trail users (per the WA State Dept. of Health guidelines and CDC).
  • Work parties hosted in King County only; volunteers and staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 - a King County mandate requirement. Fully vaccinated means that a person is at least 14 days post-completion of an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine.
Work Parties, please contact
Education, please contact Kristen McCune
We appreciate your understanding during this challenging time for all of us.

Classes, Dirt Camps

Yes. Mountain biking is a rain or shine sport and coaches will take the opportunity to explain how rain can change the dynamics of a trail. Students should be prepared for the weather by bringing a rain jacket.

Classes and camps will be cancelled for severe weather, such as heavy rain, wind or extreme temperatures or air quality. For camps and classes, Evergreen Staff will consult the Washington Department of Ecology website for updates on air quality and heat. If threat levels at specific trail locations are deemed unhealthy (AQI Category 'Unhealthy', over 104*, or another hazard deemed unsafe by Evergreen staff), class will be cancelled.

 You will be contacted via email and then phone call if a class or camp is cancelled. If postponing / rescheduling is not an option, we will offer a 75% refund for the total number of cancelled days. These conditions pose a huge threat to outdoor recreation organizations, and we are grateful for your support and understanding.

Membership, Classes

You do not have to be a member to participate in Evergreen MTB classes. Evergreen members receive a discount on all education program classes, clinics, and camps, just one benefit of having a membership. So sign up today and get discounts on future classes and much more! You can go here to join!

Classes, Dirt Camps

No. Students are responsible for supplying their own bike and equipment for all Evergreen classes & camps. Please look into bike shops nearby each class location for rentals and demos.


No. A rigid frame or hard tail bike is perfectly fine.

Classes, Website - Calendar

Go to the class calendar and choose the class you’re interested in. Then click the registration button. 


Our instructors will notify you by email. We also post cancellations on our schedule page. Please check the schedule if it is raining the day of class.

Membership, Classes

Memberships created or renewed at events need to be entered into our system manually. So it can take up to a few weeks to get your info into our system. If you’re trying to sign up for a class or receive a member discount, and your membership account is not yet live, please contact us and we can get you set up ASAP.


Not a bit. We have a saying around here: "It ain't the bike, it's the rider." We say that a lot. Honest. That said, your bike should be in good working condition and designed and equipped for off-road use.

Classes, Dirt Camps

The following age criteria applies to all Evergreen class and camp programs unless otherwise stated in the class description.

  • Youth: Age 7 - 12
  • Teen: Age 13 - 17
  • Adult: Age 17+


Classes, Dirt Camps

What to bring:

  • Mountain bike - must be functioning correctly with hand brakes and gearing
  • Helmet- Must be CPSC or Snell certified.  (See label inside of helmet)
  • Sturdy shoes-for walking and biking (no open-toed shoes or sandals)
  • Water bottle or hydration pack
  • Snacks and lunch (for full-day programs)
  • Bike gloves
  • Layers appropriate for the weather
  • Platform/flat pedals

Things to check on your bike before class:

  • Please remove kickstand prior to class
  • Air pressure/Tires:  Tire pressure should be between 25 to 35 lbs
  • Chain and Drive Train: Look for rust or gummed up areas that may need to be cleaned and lubed
  • Brakes:  Roll your bike, apply each brake separately checking for stopping ability.  Make sure brake pads are not worn out.


Most times that’s not a problem. Except for a few instances and some of our backcountry Trail Work Parties you’re welcome to come when you can and leave when you need to.

Classes, Website - Calendar

For most classes and other events, the registration closes 72 hours prior to the event start.

Classes, Dirt Camps

Cancellation refunds are based on the number of days’ notice given prior to the event. No refunds are available 180 days after purchase and a credit will be issued instead.


  • 14+ days prior to event: Full refund, less a $35 cancellation fee.
  • Fewer than 14 days prior to event: No credit or refund.


  • 14+ days prior to event: Full refund.
  • 3-14 days prior to start of class: Credit toward alternate Evergreen class in the same calendar year OR a refund, less a $35 cancellation fee.
  • Fewer than 72 hours prior to start of class: No credit or refund.

Other Events (Festival, parties, Winterstoke, etc.)

  • 7+ days prior to event: Full refund.
  • Fewer than 7 days prior to event: No credit or refund.

Acts of Mother Nature (smoke, heat, lightning, etc.)

For camps and classes, Evergreen Staff will consult the Washington Department of Ecology website for updates on air quality and heat. If threat levels at specific trail locations are deemed unhealthy (AQI Category 'Unhealthy', over 104*, or another hazard deemed unsafe by Evergreen staff), class will be canceled.

We will reach out to all families, first via email then via phone call, by 8:00AM to cancel camp for the day. If your child has additional health concerns or sensitivities and must be withheld from camp, please let us know as soon as possible.

If a postponement / reschedule is not possible, we will offer a refund of 75% for the total number of canceled days. These conditions pose a huge threat to outdoor recreation organizations, and we are grateful for your support and understanding.

COVID-19 Special Circumstances

If a class needs to be canceled because Evergreen deems it unsafe during the pandemic, arrangements will be made to transfer your registration. If a transfer cannot be made, a full refund is available.


Classes, Dirt Camps

You should have a mountain bike, designed for offroad use, for all classes and camps. A 'cross' bike or ‘hybrid’ bike can work in a pinch, but does not offer the stability of a mountain bike.

 The general requirements for a bike are:

  • In good working order
  • Gears highly recommended
  • Front suspension recommended
  • 2 hand brakes are required (no coaster or backpedalling brakes)
  • No training wheels
  • Kickstand removed

E-bikes are not allowed in any Evergreen class.


The majority of our classes in King County take place at King County’s Duthie Hill Bike Park in Issaquah, but we also offer classes at King County's Black Diamond Natural Area and Big Finn Hill Park, along with the City of Redmond's Bike Park/Hartman Park. In addition in to this, we have an education program at Swan Creek Park in Tacoma. Please check specific class listings for exact location. We also offer classes through some of our Regional Chapters including Evergreen Central in Wenatchee and Evergreen East in Spokane.


Every child participant must submit Evergreen's Youth Waiver in order to participate in any Evergreen class, camp, or event. To help make this process easier and more accessible, you can now fill out and submit the Evergreen Youth Waiver electronically! Fill out the waiver here.


You can park at Duthie's brand new parking lot that King County recently completed! It is located at 26150 SE Issaquah-Fall City Rd, just off of Duthie Hill Road. Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can start class promptly.



Which Evergreen class is right for me?


Foundations 1 Beginner: 

  • You’re comfortable on a bike and can ride moderate grades on the road but have little to no time spent on dirt trails. 
  • You are comfortable riding on your bike but might not yet be comfortable with steeper grades, both ascending and descending. 
  • You can shift and brake but want to branch off riding on the street and get your bike dirty on some mountain bike trails!


Foundations 2 Intermediate: 

  • Prerequisites: Foundations 1 - Beginner
  • Have been mountain biking regularly but haven't pushed yourself further than most of the greens and some blues at your local trailhead.
  • You are comfortable with dirt and trails at moderate grades. You've started to branch out from the easiest terrain but are still feeling nervous committing to all those blue trails and haven't begun jumps or drops. 


Advanced Cornering:

  • Prerequisites: Foundations 2 - Intermediate
  • Have been mountain biking comfortably on green and blue trails. 
  • Comfortable coasting around corners, starting to add speed or play with variations. 
  • You’re ready to tackle steeper corners smoothly and with consistent speed. 
  • This class is about progressing foundational skills to create speed, consistency, and confidence around flat and bermed corners. 


Intro to Freeride:

  • Prerequisites: Foundations 2 - Intermediate
  • Have been mountain biking comfortably on green and blue and some black trails.
  • You’re interested in pushing yourself to tackle trail features like drops and wood features but feel nervous committing to air and/or steeps.
  • This class is about taking your riding to the next level - you’ve been working on foundational skills but want to add speed, feel in control on more advanced obstacles, and add more playfulness to your riding.


Foundations in the Air:

  • Required Prerequisite: Foundations 2 - Intermediate; Recommended Prerequisite - Advanced Cornering
  • Have been mountain biking comfortably on green and blue and several black trails. 
  • You are finding yourself comfortably coasting down the table top jump lines and playing with small bits of air.
  • This class is about learning the fundamentals of drops and jumps to start getting you comfortable in the air and giving you the tools to start riding easier jump lines.


Technical Descending:

  •  Required Prerequisite: Foundations 2 - Intermediate; Recommended Prerequisite - Intro to Freeride or Advanced Cornering
  • Have been mountain biking comfortably on green and blue and several black trails, but may find yourself avoiding steeper slopes or walking around roots, rocks and other more technical obstacles.
  • You want to try the quintessential PNW tech but don’t quite feel like you have the bike control to feel comfortable yet.
  • This class is about refining fundamental skills and applying them on-trail to advanced features so that you can ride the roots and rocks and steeps with comfort, control and fun!