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What type of bike should I bring to class?

Classes, Dirt Camps

You should have a mountain bike, designed for offroad use, for all classes and camps. A 'cross' bike or ‘hybrid’ bike can work in a pinch, but does not offer the stability of a mountain bike.

 The general requirements for a bike are:

  • In good working order
  • Gears required
  • Front suspension recommended
  • 2 hand brakes are required (no coaster or backpedalling brakes)
  • No training wheels
  • Kickstand removed

Evergreen classes and camps follow local land manager rules on e-bike usage. If an e-bike is not allowed by land manager rules, we cannot accept them within a class or camp setting. Please check with us or the local land manager if you are unsure of e-bike regulations.

Those with an ADA placard can use an e-bike in any Evergreen program.