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20 | Mar | '24
Yvonne Kraus
Spring brings promising change to our trails and outdoor adventures. This year, spring also brings a solid dose of change and transition to Evergreen: I am transitioning away from Executive Director, making space for the blossoming of new leadership, new ideas, and new project strategies for the mountain bike community in Washington.
18 | Mar | '24
Vivika Stamolis
With MTB season upon us, and Swift Adventure Co.'s upcoming Foundations of Dirt - Seattle Mountain Biking Clinic, it's a good time for a Q&A with Swift Adventure Co. and our Education Director, Kristen McCune.
08 | Mar | '24
Vivika Stamolis
Women want, and deserve, a place in the trail-building world. When we create space for them, they show up. Change starts with an invitation and education.
06 | Feb | '24
Vivika Stamolis
This Trail Tuesday we are featuring Swan Creek, Tacoma's local favorite!
22 | Jan | '24
Liz Lunderman
Evergreen is #RiderPowered. And every year that means hundreds of volunteers are out in the woods helping build and maintain trails across Washington State, spending time in meetings and advocating for great trails, and teaching riders new skills. The dedication of these folks are the foundation of our organization, the stewards of our extensive trail systems, and the glue that bonds our community together.
04 | Jan | '24
Thanks to the generosity of Evergreen supporters, we were able to reach our fundraising goal of $200,000!
28 | Dec | '23
Jarrett Ziemer
And the list goes on. See, the thing is, there isn't just one word to describe what Sean plus dirt means and what Sean brings to the team. And that's what makes Sean so valuable! What makes him such an integral spoke on the wheel of Evergreen.
18 | Dec | '23
Jarrett Ziemer
With a capital M. Heck, capitalize them all. This trail builder is a MAINTENANCE hound. While you're home eating chowder, Paul is out on the hill brushing corridors. While most of us plan to dance the night away at a New Year's Eve party, Paul will be out in the woods at midnight. Armed with a headlamp, a waste lamp, a lamp for each of his dogs, a cup of hot coffee, a light tine rake, and a spade, he'll be cleaning drains so the trails are crispy for your New Year's ride.