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18 | Sep | '18

Get grips. Get trails. Get after it.

  We're expanding membership. With minimal eye-poking. The 2018 #EvergreenBranchOut campaign is flying by—and you’ve increased our support by introducing new members!
13 | Sep | '18

Are you an 8-latte member or more?

  Gloves, Grips, and Grit: 8 Lattes to More Trail     What did you think of the Raging River Opening Celebration? How about the trails coming along on Canyon #2? Are you stoked for Camp Sekani?  Wherever you are, however you ride—Evergreen crews are building a trail for you. And whoever you are—there’s a membership level for you to help support them. We’ve said it because it’s true—becoming an Evergreen member means joining thousands of riders who—like you—want access to great riding close to home. It’s joining a tribe that understands that trails—just like bikes—need an occasional tune-up. 
13 | Sep | '18

An update on our ongoing trail projects

  --- Earlier this year, you helped us raise $105,215.56 in our GiveBig campaign. See how we're putting those dollars to work by building new trail across Washington:
12 | Sep | '18

What Does An Evergreen Membership Mean?

    What does 'self-funding' actually mean? And how do members make it happen?  
10 | Sep | '18

How To Get Involved This September!

    Summer is winding down, but opportunities for getting involved with Evergreen are heating up!   After months of sunshine, we’re finally getting much needed moisture on our trails. With a little work, we’ll go from moondust to hero dirt in no time…
06 | Sep | '18

NEW: Support Evergreen with a Business Member or Corporate Sponsorship

Over the years, businesses have asked us what they can do to help Evergreen. Now we have an easy answer: Join Evergreen with a Business Membership! As part of our 2018 Membership campaign, we’ve created a business membership account option.  Join now and support MTB advocacy, trail building, and maintenance, and our volunteer work parties!   
05 | Sep | '18

Alpine Lakes High Camp: Donating 25% of All Your September Bookings to Evergreen

Ongoing trail building and maintenance means we need to invite new members into the community—including our NEW Businesses Members. One member is stepping up today—Alpine Lakes High Camp (ALHC), owned by Justin and Austin Donohue. Located 15mi east of Steven’s Pass, ALHC is donating 25% of all September bookings directly to Evergreen to support trails across Washington. 
04 | Sep | '18

#GetAGrip: Join Now and Help #EvergreenBranchOut

Members like you have self-funded more trail than ever this year--you are the driving force behind our trail projects. We need more members like you. And we're trying to find them! Today through September 18th, when you help #EvergreenBranchOut and join or renew at the $60+ level you'll get a pair of Evergreen grips to show your trail support on your favorite ride. Your memberships, donations, and ongoing support allow us to do this work--thank you for making that possible. And we're excited for our 5,000th member to join us over the next 2 weeks!  How can you help us get there? Join, renew, or refer a friend—or two! Remind them that membership dollars support the trails they ride—and they’ll get a set of anodized Evergreen grips as a thank you!
21 | Aug | '18

The Washington Legislature Passed an E-Bike Policy

    How Do These Regulations Affect You?   Not much changes in the short term. By default, all single-track trails are closed to E-MTBs, unless signed open and specifically permitted by the land manager. We fully support this approach because it enables state, regional and local land managers to set specific use policies for their trails. However, e-MTB sales continue to grow and we’re getting a lot of questions from new e-MTB owners on where they can ride.