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17 | May | '18

You're invited! THIS Saturday--the Raging River Opening Celebration!

Shuttles, demos, and the partners who made it happen. (PLUS: Chainline Brewing Co's Raging River IPA debut!) "Cool sticker."-all your envious friends Join the Raging River Opening celebration THIS Saturday (5/19 - 9:30-4:30pm) with Evergreen, DNR, MTS Greenway, and Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz.  This family-friendly event has options for all-levels of riders (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)--shuttle tickets are sold out, but trails will be open for pedaling, so you're covered!
14 | May | '18

Let's hit our GiveBig goal by Wednesday, May 16th!

  Members like you make Washington MTB awesome. You’re part of a passionate community supporting epic trails through stunning terrain—wherever you are in the state. Here’s a virtual high five from our team and Board for your GiveBig donation to open new trails!     And once in a while we aim high but don’t quite make it.  And this time we’ve funded an amazing 60% of our historic goal—but we’ve still got 40% to go!  I know this is a big ask, but with hundreds of thousands of riders in our state we know this is doable. So why stop at 30 miles when we could be delivering you 65? Did you miss the opportunity to give? Or would you like to give more? Help us meet our goal and get ALL 65 trail miles and projects going THIS year. You’ve encouraged us to continue because one thing is clear—our community STILL funded the biggest GiveBig ever. That’s an amazing accomplishment. But as mountain bikers, we’re nothing if not stubborn. Come be stubborn too and help finish what we’ve started. Can you help make our last 56K happen by midnight Wednesday?  I wouldn’t sleep well if I didn’t at least try!  I'm stubborn and proud! A big year calls for a big ask.  Self-funding at this level is new territory for all of us—and this is a rare opportunity.  
09 | May | '18

GiveBig: Have 50 cents? That's a mile of trail.

How much do you love Snickers? Because for less than the cost of a checkout-line candy bar, you and your fellow members can build a mile of brand new trail. This year.  Imagine what we could do if you really GiveBig. No joke—if our members donated just $31 each, we’d fund all our projects today--your impact could be huge. You’ve been calling about Team Epic membership and big matches--this is your chance. Let’s GiveBig, get our friends to GiveBig, and build 65+ more miles of trail now!  We’ve got the green light—we just need the funds by midnight May 9th. Riders like you from across the state have already scheduled their donations—will your join them now?   Trail Hungry? Don't Wait!     No matter where you live in the state projects are happening for you—and the goal is closer than you think.   If you GiveBig today (and encourage your friends!), you’ll make these projects happen this year:   -Sun Mountain Trail network expansion, Methow Valley: 20 miles -Completion of climbing trail and the new Ribbed Trail at Ski Hill, Leavenworth: 3 miles -3 new trails in the Yacolt Burn, Battle Ground:  8 miles  -Tokul trail connections, Fall City: 4 miles -Camp Sekani skills park and pump track, Spokane. -New Ride Park at Port Gamble  -Alpine Baldy Phase II, Skykomish:  3 miles -No. 2 Canyon, Wenatchee: 30 miles (8 miles in 2018)   GiveBig for your new trails!   You have the power and the numbers to create 65 miles of new trail NOW--and this is our last chance--don't let these projects get pushed back! Donate, GiveBig and share with your friends—your personal impact is much bigger than you think.  TODAY is your day to #BeTheBuilder. 
07 | May | '18

May 9th. 8 projects. 1 requirement: YOU.

  Cool air, hero dirt, and ahead--the perfect ride. Your perfect ride.  So you'd turn around and head home, right? Of course not--that's the chance we daydream about at our desks--and why I'm emailing today.     At this very moment Evergreen is cleared to build 65 NEW trail miles. Those miles ADD to Evergreen's existing projects at Raging, Darrington, Tiger, and Green Mountain. That's potential for over 100 miles to make your own perfect ride.  How ‘bout that--we could have over 100 miles of trail in development! What does it feel like to build triple-digit mileage? We don't know yet--but with your help today we will.  We can only do this work if you GiveBig now—will you help us break into the triple-digit club this year with your donation? Evergreen chapters are digging into savings to kick-start this work in 2018. They need you to #BeTheBuilder today to span the funding gap.   I'm 100% in for 100 new miles With your GiveBig donation you'll start these projects this year:   -Sun Mountain Trail network expansion, Methow Valley: 20 miles -Completion of climbing trail and the new Ribbed Trail at Ski Hill, Leavenworth: 3 miles -3 new trails in the Yacolt Burn, Battle Ground:  8 miles  -Tokul trail connections, Fall City: 4 miles -Camp Sekani skills park and pump track, Spokane. -New Ride Park at Port Gamble  -Alpine Baldy Phase II, Skykomish:  3 miles -No. 2 Canyon, Wenatchee: 30 miles (8 miles in 2018)
04 | May | '18

Learn about each 2018 GiveBig Trail Target here!

Donate for 65+ miles of NEW singletrack! We've got eight different projects across our state that need your help!   Click on each image below to learn more about what's needed for each GiveBig Trail Target.                                 Donate Now and #BeTheBuilder!
04 | May | '18

GiveBig Trail Target #7: Ribbed Trail

  Trail: Ribbed Trail - Leavenworth, Washington (Central Chapter) Project Goal: Rebuild of the legendary Ribbed Trail in Leavenworth. Funds needed: $10,000 Help Us Rebuild Ribbed Trail Now! Evergreen perspective: "Having the opportunity with the GiveBig campaign to rebuild the Ribbed Trail is huge. This is a legendary trail dating back to the late ‘90’s. Having this trail up and running is a much needed option close to town because it would be the first legalized jump trail in Leavenworth. We have great beginner level trails at the ski hill complex and it’ll be nice to put something in for the more advanced rider. Plus, we’ll have a shuttle option for it as well. The new Ribbed Trail will really tick all the boxes. I’m stoked!" – James Munly, Evergreen Central Chapter Board Member Local rider perspective: "A rebuild of Ribbed would add another element to our trail system here. It gives something to the more advanced rider. In my mind, it’s going to be a game changer here. I could see it becoming Leavenworth’s most popular trail. I’m really looking forward to it!" – Tom Ford, local rider and mechanic at Arlberg Sports Haus in Leavenworth Donate Now and #BeTheBuilder for Ribbed Trail!
04 | May | '18

GiveBig Trail Target #8: Alpine Baldy

  Trail: Alpine Baldy - Skykomish, Washington (Cascades To Sound Chapter) Project Goal: Completion of Alpine Baldy Phase II backcountry loop. Funds needed: $30,000 Support our project at Alpine Baldy Now! Evergreen perspective:  "Alpine Baldy is the very first mountain bike trail on U.S. Forest land in the Skykomish Ranger District. It’s also the highest elevation new trail that Evergreen has ever built topping out at 5,000 feet. There are epic views from an alpine meadow and access to a hiking trail with even bigger 360-degree views. We’re already funded to get the out and back but these funds would allow us to finish a complete loop through the backcountry. This is a key part of the growth of mountain biking in the Skykomish Valley." – Mike Westra, Evergreen Trails Director Local rider perspective: "Alpine Baldy is just gorgeous. There aren’t too many rides where you get to go high up into the alpine. To be up there and get that mountain breeze–it’s just a different feel from a lot of other rides around here. To me, it’s really exciting to have another venue off Highway 2 for mountain biking." – Russ Peterson, local rider and Team Epic member  Donate Now and #BeTheBuilder at Alpine Baldy!
04 | May | '18

GiveBig Trail Target #5: Camp Sekani

  Trail:  Sekani - Spokane, Washington (East Chapter) Project Goal: A new skills area and pumptrack at Camp Sekani in Beacon Hill, Spokane. Funds needed: $5,000     Support New Trails at Camp Sekani Now! Evergreen perspective:  "There are two components to our project, the skills park and the pump track. The skills park we have is old and does not flow well. It is difficult to utilize for the beginner rider. With these funds, we’ll be able to bridge the ability gap between existing features within our skills park, improve signage, and more effectively separate the skills park from the general riding area. We also have an opportunity to build Spokane’s only public pump track. By locating the pump track within the skills park we are able to consolidate our educational tools in the same place and truly create a nucleus within Beacon Hill for families and friends to congregate. Our goal is to have an area that encourages progression in our local community and enables riders to tackle our regional riding areas with confidence." – Nate Hutchens, Evergreen East Chapter President   Local rider perspective:  "I ride with my family at Sekani 2 to 3 times a week. I have a 10 and a 13 thirteen-year-old and they’ve grown up riding there. I know without Sekani, we wouldn’t be the biking family we are. We have great flow trails and rocky tech but we don’t really have a central core area to bring everyone together. I think the biggest thing that could help with that is a skills park. Adding that would really give newer riders a place to progress and develop their skills before tackling some of the bigger jump lines." – Tiffany Letnes, local rider and ultrasound technician in Spokane     Donate Now and #BeTheBuilder at Camp Sekani!
04 | May | '18

GiveBig Trail Target #6: Yacolt Burn

  Trail: Yacolt Burn - Battle Ground, Washington (Southwest Chapter) Project Goal: New all mountain trails at the Yacolt Burn trail system. Funds needed: $5,000   Support New Trails in Battle Ground Now! Evergreen perspective: "We have great trails here in Southwest Washington but they are all stand alone trails. This fundraiser will give us more ride combinations by adding new lines and connections in the Yacolt Burn, making it into a network. When we built Thrillium, it was a gamechanger–an absolute classic trail. Our goal for this new project is to build on that work and make the best all-mountain/enduro trail in this state." – Eric Albers, Evergreen Southwest Chapter President Donate Now and #BeTheBuilder at Yacolt Burn!