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04 | 05 | '21
Trail is basically perfect up to the ridge cross-over (the first section of road-to-trail conversion). Map says that's the first ~3.7 miles. No snow at all on the first section of single-track, before the road-to-trail conversion.  Once we hit...
Submitted by alecom on 04/09/2021
04 | 02 | '21
A buddy and I left the upper lot and made it to Stan's Overlook and the entrance to Upper Poppin Tops in 40 mins.  We felt pretty good about that time, Peloton rides are paying off in improved endurance on the trail. No snow on the way up,  ...
Submitted by Bryan on 04/02/2021
Started early this morning at the base of the lower shuttle road to Lower Skyline. The snow started after the first switchback around 2100'. You can pedal for a bit but have to walk it soon after. There is a tree across the road for the big saws and...
Submitted by tomvale on 03/27/2021
03 | 20 | '21
Parked at Rattlesnake Road this morning and took the road all the way to the base of No Service where the snow was too deep to keep climbing. We have a few more weeks before we can enjoy the upper trails. I tried to climb Return Policy but the openin...
Submitted by tomvale on 03/20/2021