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I parked at the Kelly Road & Pipeline Junction and went clockwise.

For you Puget Sound gravellers, here is a longer excursion you can do when you need to add "Social Distance", or you  "Wanna Get Away". I started early at the Kelly Road Junction with the Tolt Pipeline and headed East on the Pipeline Road. Af...

Submitted by tomvale on 03/21/2020

Pretty good shape! Dry.

03 | 18 | '20

Olallie rode pretty well today.  Not a single puddle or muddy patch anywhere along the trail (Raging River was VERY sloppy on 3/17).  The section above the first overlook was a bit gravely, and had several twigs on the trail, but dry and...

Submitted by CharlieZogs on 03/18/2020
Just a little snow on the NW side of the mountain.

My neighbor had a gravel bike he bought 4 years ago and never used it! I was looking for one and took it off his hands. I drove to Whitehorse Park, where I parked the car, and began the ride past the Skills Park and then past the shuttle lot. I co...

Submitted by tomvale on 03/15/2020
The first creek crossing flooded and ran down the road aggressively.

Did a single loop on Lower Skyline. The lower shuttle access road was flooded by the first creek's culvert that was clogged and water rushed down the road. The road is no longer passable by car, or relaxing bike climb, for 50 yards. It will need r...

Submitted by tomvale on 03/10/2020