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Murder Hornets!

Murder Hornets on Tiger?

05 | 28 | '20

Great. This is posted at the trailhead, though didn't see any. Rode Master and Quick Link plus fire road to the summit, then East Tiger Summit, Preston, Silent Swamp, Joyride and NW Timber back down. All told about 14 miles, some mud holes and run...

Submitted by Bryan on 05/28/2020
Empty crossing where the bridge once was.

Gully Bypass Bridge Out

05 | 28 | '20

Had a wonderful time going up and down, west to east, over the trail system and then off to the Falls for a little rest and tranquility. There is a DNR sign at the trailhead announcing a cougar sighting at the Falls. The bike trails are in great s...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/28/2020

Parked up at the lower shuttle area and did Lower Skyline and then Pathfinder, Quick Release and Lower Showcase Showdown. Skyline was excellent and the Showdown was a little more greasy. Went OTB once there. Skyline was the fun one today! GPS trac...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/24/2020
View of Spada Lake from the upper east end of the Ridge above and west of Olney Pass

Began early in the morning fog hoping the drier day would help the sun burn off the fog by the time I reached the ridge. I started climbing the west side of the ridge and took two spur roads to explore. One spur had a young bear that ran up hill q...

Submitted by tomvale on 05/23/2020