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05 | 06 | '21
This new Extra Terrestrial at Tiger off of Preston is so awesome, I drove back out and did the exact same route as I rode Sunday.  That's Master to Quick Link, fireroad to East Tiger Summt and onto ET off of Preston. Really a great flow trail, l...
Submitted by Bryan on 05/06/2021
05 | 02 | '21
My bad to show up at Tiger at 8:00 AM on a spring weekend, both lots were nearly full. What drew me were whispers and rumors of a new flow trail called Extraterrestrial that drops left off of Preston Railrooad.  Sure enough, after grunting up Ma...
Submitted by Bryan on 05/02/2021
04 | 28 | '21
So the Tokul lot was empty at 8:00 AM this morning, guess Wednesday is a popular day for working! Not for me though; I rode Flowtron twice and Two Fernz once, then huffed up to the top of Upper Ivan XC (pic related).  I ripped Upper Ivan XC and...
Submitted by Bryan on 04/28/2021
04 | 19 | '21
Rode UM 1, 2 and 3 in about 40 minutes, and than RR 1 and 2 in another 15 or so. Upper PT is steep, technical and serious, at least given my skill level. There's a gateway feature of steep, rooty drops right off the fire road, that are emblematic of...
Submitted by Bryan on 04/20/2021