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Large loop from Cherry Valley tailhead to the Falls and then South to the Tolt and Moss Lake.

I wanted to explore more of the Marckworth Forest and mapped out the loop in the image. After making it to the Falls, the road farther east has been worked on and some water and vehicle traps have been added. The road was graded and pretty soft bu...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/10/2019

Damp and lots foliage

11 | 08 | '19

It was a nice laid back 7 mile ride, but it was damp and lots of foliage.

Submitted by Ambo87 on 11/09/2019
Overview of the full Butte loop if not Shuttling.

Just a bunch of fun!

11 | 08 | '19

Parked at the dirt trailhead lot and rode along the south side of the lake to the base of the Butte Road and then began the climb. I rode around the hanglider airport for some southern views and then completed the climb to the towers. I took a lit...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/09/2019
About 6-8 inches of crusty snow to add to the hike a bike section of the loop.

Started before sunrise on the road along the lake and then began the climb to the Ridge. Saw 3 deer at the uphill junction and then started seeing the morning views. No snow until around 4500' due to the dry week and sun. The snow was just in the...

Submitted by tomvale on 11/01/2019