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Too much to send

02 | 20 | '19

Entire park is still covered with a few inches of snow. Riding any trails as of today is near impossible unless a day or plus bike is used with low enough tire pressure. 

Parking lots are closed as of today, unless you are within walk...

Submitted by Nigween on 02/20/2019

Definitely Hero

01 | 30 | '19

As previously noted, the trails are great and the Falls are beautiful. Did the Falls first and then Escorlator, Elevator, Little Ridge, and then Funner and Cyclops under lights. It was a great evening and the only thing this area is needing is a w...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/31/2019

Bob has been giving these trails some much needed love and it really shows. Overall improvements in drainage and surface work are awesome. These trails are in the best shape we've ever seen. Clean, glorious, hero dirt right now. The access roads a...

Submitted by BeckyBr on 01/30/2019

Had a great time summiting and coming down and going up to do EBAD for the first time. Excellent trail for challenges when wet and soupy due to the roots and the steep grade in spots. Doing Cherry Valley tomorrow PM if interested. Pvt msg me tonig...

Submitted by tomvale on 01/29/2019