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06 | 17 | '19

Rode Tapeworm today, planning on bailing before the last bridge with the yellow jacket infestation but found the gnomes have built a detour bypassing the bridge and wasp nest.

Thanks gnomes!

Submitted by jonrav on 06/17/2019
View from the old lookout site.

Finally Got The Views

06 | 15 | '19

After my last two rides here in the clouds and showers, today's ride was totally different. I parked again at the base of 7125 so the car waits at the lowest point of today's loop. I took off south on hwy 410 to FS road 70, then 7010 all the way u...

Submitted by tomvale on 06/15/2019


06 | 13 | '19

Buddies and I where riding Tapeworm Trail.

Warning really big nest on last lower wooden bridge banking left. It’s the last one before the last climb. It has been there for a couple of weeks now. But people have taken the warning sign off....

Submitted by seadal on 06/13/2019

Great Trail Conditions

05 | 11 | '19

Rode up the single track and all the way down and around to the parking lot. All the trails were in great condition. A few puddles but not muddy, not too dry or dusty. Perfect conditions!

Submitted by mrc01 on 06/08/2019