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Tails that have been clear cut.

19 | Oct | '14

This is just an update on trails that no longer exsist because of the clear cutting at Told McDonald.  This is not a comprehensive list but reflects what I found when trying to ride my favorite loop. Most of the center section of trails between the North Rd and South Rd. are gone Here are the trails that I could not find:

Oxbow, Mystery, Babe's Marine, Pearl, Cloverleaf, The Burn, Schaefer, The Bypass, MLR south of where it hits Cousins, Go-Kart (ends at clear cut), and Severance.

At the beginning of Babe's Marine, heading south from North Rd, you can access Cousins if you hang a right hand turn right before the wooden bridge. Blair Witch Project is intact up to the "new" road.  All trails South of that road (up to the South Rd) end at the clear cut.

There are still a bunch of great trails on the South side of South Rd.  Still worth the drive.  

This is a sad post to write.  I will miss those trails...


Submitted by mkruse on 10/25/2014